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Together with our technology partner we will help you to optimize your material flow, to reduce your inventory and to produce more efficiently.


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" Reduce your warehouse, logistics and production - through simple and economically useful methods.

We support you in visualization, labeling and efficient material supply with LEAN products, which we have developed specifically to meet the everyday requirements of our customers. 

In a video live chat, I will show you how to use these products in a clever way and what you can achieve with them.“

Michael Honisch
Expert for Lean Management and Visualization, Business Unit LEAN 4.0

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Order at the press of a button - ambos Reorder Button

The Reorder Button helps you to improve your existing process and save costs. We deliver the Reorder Buttons together with your label, which can be easily attached to the right place on the shelf with a magnetic tape or adhesive equipment.

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Label storage containers quickly and flexibly with the FATH KANBAN label holders and sleeves: PVC-free

A clear view of order

Overhang, scanner-compatible, transparent label holders and label envelopes on KANBAN containers, load, ready.

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Multi-use: Flexible and reliable marking of storage containers with the FATH visual pockets

A clear view of the order

So you can organize the material supply clearly, quickly and flexibly.

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SLC wire steel clamp for FATH Visual Pockets

A clear view of the order

Flexible SLC wire steel clamps allow quick re-labeling without lifting the containers.

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Multi-use: Flexible and reliable marking of storage containers with the FATH visual pockets

A clear view of the order - still more possibilities

Visual pockets fixed with plastic pins.

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U-loop steel clamp for FATH Visual Pockets

Simply insert the small U-loop steel clamp like a needle into foils or cartons and attach the visual pocket securely.

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Reusable and PVC-free FATH Shelf Labelings

The shelf label holders are available as reusable (multi-use) self-adhesive and PVC-free material – either way scanner ready and extremely robust.

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FATH Visual pockets for all ferrous surfaces

Adhesive is extremely strong, even on barrels or machine enclosures.

Vibration resistant and suitable for transport.

Available in all common formats and colors.

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FATH floor signs for danger zones

Self-adhesive, dimensionally stable FATH Floor Signs easily affixes to the floor. Can be driven over immediately and are easy to clean.


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FATH floor marking tape for production and logistics

Quickly create additional safety through multi-colored floor marking tapes. Pull off the foil, press it on, ready.

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Mark production and logistics areas quickly and flexibly with the FATH floor marking tape.

Safety clearance or complete areas are easily created with the FATH floor marking tape, even in high demand areas.


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FATH Floor Windows: forklift-resistant, scratch-resistant and scanner readable

Self-adhesive floor windows with strong properties: forklift-resistant, scratch-resistant, scanner readable and removable from the floor without leaving residue.

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FATH LEAN 4.0 - Preview compact

Well thought-out components meet the latest developments in IoT technology: With FATH LEAN 4.0 you can optimize your material flow, reduce warehousing and produce more efficiently. We complement 4.0 pioneers with tailor-made solutions.

2020-02-25 FATH-Featurebild - LEAN 4.0 Produkte - 1276x778